Roasted chestnuts.


Kensington Market. 21 January, 2017. I was sitting outside La Casa having a coffee and a bag of roasted chestnuts from the street side vendor parked next to me when a guy stopped to talk to me. The smell … it takes me back to my youth. I grew up here. Just over the shop there. Went to school around the corner, then to St. Patrick’s school at Beverly and D’Arcy. He’d been here when it was Jewish turning Portuguese, now Jamaican, Mexican and Chinese. Before that, a guy stopped to talk to the vendor … he’d recognized the cart from outside Maple Leaf Gardens. The vendor’s father had tended that cart. The guy’s mother told him about that cart and one day took her boy to meet the vendor. He asked me to take their pics on his phone. Four shots to show his mother. He was pumped. It was a special 5 minutes.




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