Adapt or Die: The Man of a Thousand Faces

We are not born actors. We get the calling early on, usually as young children. We immediately understand if there are normally born siblings — we are not special, merely different. We begin to understand as we gather friends and classmates that we don’t really belong to that family. There is someone out there we do belong to, but we’re not allowed to ask — to ask about our own past. So, we start to pretend, to play act, to play the role of the submissive, grateful urchin. It is at this point, we join the millions of actors before and after us who due to some flaw, seek the approval of others.

learn there craft as children, continue their studies in the craft during their teens, but reach perfection in their 20s as they must conceal their adoptee status in order to get work and if possible, start their careers. They have already built their armor, now they must pretend to be ‘normal’ to survive in the world of superficiality that goes against their innate need for truth.

“Fake it ’til you make it.”



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