Writing projects

Fascinated by the inexhaustible variety of life, I experience and write about it with the five senses of an artist. Regardless of the format, the story’s the thing, so I work on screenplays, short stories, books, blogs, and articles. With a formal education in history, film, visual arts and sports medicine, and a lifetime of the highs and lows of the 9-5 world, I can tackle a wide range of fiction and non-fiction content whether as a ghost writer, copywriter, blogger, or writer of articles, essays, or memoirs.

Currently attacking 2 non-fiction books.
Currently working on 2 magazine/newspaper articles.
Short Stories
Working on 1 short story.
Previous: “
You Must be a Loony!”, 2012; “Fight Like a Donnelly!”, 2012; “6 Figures and a Coat for a Pillow”, 2012
Working on a presentation for community mental health information sessions on the history of alcohol.
Attacking a couple of novels set in Europe.
Tapping into my historical studies and turning wicked tales from the past into screenplays from an adaptation of a piece of historical fiction set in Chicago at the time of the World’s Exposition of 1893 to original character-driven stories set in North American and European locales.
Previous: “Aaayah! Banana Bread”, 1993; “
Idée Fixe: An Academic Comedy”, 2000


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