Why we need ‘real’ shooters more than ever

It’s 2014, and everyone’s a photographer and publisher. Thanks to smartphone technology, and social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, we now control the message and the medium. But, what are we doing with these weapons of control? Selfies. Is that the extent of our protests? Are we only destined to mirror episodic TV, and happy-go-lucky beer and yummy mummy commercials?

That should be a great thing, right? The democratization of images that can depict the beauty and cruelty of ,  life. No longer can we be fed pop-candy propaganda messages that say, with a smile, that tell us, “Don’t worry, be happy, everything’s great!”

We no longer need to bow to the propaganda machines like the Nazis, Big Brother, and other totalitarian regimes that demonize the enemies of the ‘norm’; those that don’t ‘fit’.

We are languishing in a neo-depression that has done to us what it did to our grandparents in the 1930s. Shooters were probably reviled by those down and out subjects whose image they sought to capture. Why are shooters hesitant to shoot the gut-wrenching stuff? I thought it was because we as a society have been ‘Facebooked’ – “no serious stuff here please!”, all of us on a pleasing, commercial wave of constant fakery. Feel bad, feel down? Go shopping!  Is it because this depression has taken place within the bedrooms and quiet, tony neighborhoods rather than in urban metropolis’ where everyone can see everyone else’s business?

Not to be a downer, but we need to document what’s happening, not perpetuate the ‘Disney-fied’ version of life.

Future generations are counting on us to to waste this chance!



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