Levamisole & Coke

De-worming Powder, from 'A Rural Death'
De-worming Powder, from ‘A Rural Death’

One of the more disturbing tidbits of info I’ve heard in the past few weeks of recovery is that my new rehabuddies may have been using coke or meth laced (cross-cut) with Levamisole. What’s Levamisole? Ask any sheep, pig or horse farmer … it’s an animal de-worming agent! During my recent A Rural Death shoot, I came across a few stations containing just such a powder.

I had just asked for some info on this stuff, then showed my buddy on the way out. He stopped up. “Holy Shit!”. He then rolled up his pant legs to show me the previously inexplicable scars that matched the gaudy color toner versions on the print out. Two and two came together and he began to realize that, yes, that’s what may have happened to him. He then rolled up his sleeve to show me his arm, and yes, it matched the scars from his legs.

The print out claimed it was treatable … I hope I helped him by a stroke of dumb luck.



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