We should have been bright enough to have seen it, but no, we were too wrapped up in how great it was to be strong, healthy and physical. It was about 1979 when things changed – musically and entirely, and disco was to blame.

Early 70’s – fallout and following from the psychedelic 60’s of The Doors, etc. in the sounds of Zepplin, etc.

Mid-70’s – backlash means brainless pop and disco among other strains like Elton John and The Carpenters.

Late-70’s – backlash punk and rage against the machine that put out brainless disco in the gut-wrenching, authentic screams of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones, etc.

1979 – moderate backlash labelled New Wave pulsed out thinking art in the Talking Heads, dirty NYC art in Blondie, dirty Euro art in The Stranglers, pretty Euro art in Kate Bush, pretty American grit in The Pretenders, and while nobody was paying attention, out of the dark recesses of your mom’s basement, the geek set pumps out … Devo!

And gradually, the world that valued the visceral gave way to a world that now marginalizes it to the intimate hardwood floors of spinning and yoga classes, while the computerized world Devo opened the door for, now DOMINATES EVERYTHING!

Damn you Devo, such great sounds that even someone raised on Beatles, Doors, Led Zepplin, Tangerine and Nazareth, could groove to your sounds and assist in bringing about the end of the need for humans.

Evolution, or Devolution?


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