Foundling Wheels, Revolving Cradles, Baby Hatches, Baby Boxes…

Great history primer.

The adopted ones blog


Whatever term is applied – to me there is no need for them, they deny the child the right to know where they come from, and who they are.  Most countries that are using them have an adoption system in place that must be better than this concept.

NPR has an interesting interview on Baby Boxes but does a lousy job of describing the history of Foundling Wheels quoting only that they happened seven hundred years ago – yet they continued in France (and Europe) in one form or another for hundreds years after that.  You can read about it in the report written in the Fifth Annual Report of the Board of State Charities of Mass 1868 – linked below – click on Foundling and Deserted Children in the index. It details Foundling Wheels / Homes from the earliest of times in Athens, to the first Foundling Wheel / Home in…

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