Human traffickers don’t burn books!

History is irrelevant.

Many would strongly disagree. The romantics, the educated, the advertisers pitching ‘classic’ products made with all those good tasting, bad for you ingredients or a golden age of unquestioning consumption, and …

… the human traffickers. As long as there’s a buck, ruble, rupee, or euro to be made, rags to riches stories can be told of those enterprising fellows that have learned from the past.

That’s where the global entrepreneurs come in. They see the world in terms of supply and demand, no matter what the object. They are our last great hope during this global economic crisis. They are helping to make it possible for us to sit in Starbucks, shut out the real world while we sip on our black gold and

They understand that from the Babylonian Era through the Middle Ages, up until a few decades ago, the great city-states and civilizations we continue to admire – Sparta, Crete, Athens, Rome, Egypt, Europe, Russia, China, the United States – were built on forced labor. They understand that strong economies are built on the exploitation of the vulnerable. They understand that by buying low and selling high, they can make a decent living for themselves and their family. And, what a market for their services! At the outset of the 21st century, every continent, except perhaps Antarctica, is involved in the ancient practice of slavery. Millions of people are bought and sold each year around the globe either for labor or sexual servitude.

They get it. The on-going battle between the capitalists and liberals, between the bottom line and the compassionate, between the money and the ideas has only managed to create a paralysis between action and inaction. These enterprising fellows make a living from both sides.


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