The ‘End of Men’, Vampires, Alluring European women & Other juicy reads

A writer reads, a reader sometimes writes … this writer reads, writes and looks for stuff to produce.

Here’s what I’ve got bookmarks in …

As 2012 pisses off with headlines screaming of Mayan mishaps and the ‘End of Men’,  I’m trying to find ways to rescue the rest of my miserable existence and guide my boys through their coming lives by chewing on …

Boys Adrift | The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men, by Dr. Leonard Sax
Understanding Men’s Passages |Discovering the New Map of Men’s Lives, by Gail Sheehy

Both are sobering slaps in the face with a wet haddock, even more so knowing that my overachieving wife put them down as totally boring, useless and unreadable. Well, thus far, these tomes are the most uncomfortable truths I would leave her in my will if she chose to try to understand what went wrong with me. I don’t think I’m done yet, I’ve got a couple of decades of creativity left. But, most importantly, as she kicks me out of her life in ’13, she should try to grasp what happened to my ‘inferior race’ after the feminist revolution by reading these books as guides to help our boys live truly productive lives.

The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson
Dark Hearts of Chicago, Helen Rappaport and William Horwood
These two go hand in hand. The latter being a thoroughly readable story cum screenplay that leaps out of Erik Larsen’s pages. If only I could get rev’d up about the city of Chicago, I could complete the Dark Hearts spec screenplay. Maybe in ’13.

The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova
Big fan of ‘real’ vampire stories (anti-Twilight). I love the Balkan/Spanish/Dutch touch, but it has an ending that leaves a sour taste even in the hungriest of vampires. I’m reading this for the third time with a mind to scribbling out a screenplay that’ll trump any they’ve rejected before.

The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Gothic, melodramatic, and full of interesting WW2 and post-war European characters I’d love to share an espresso or two with any afternoon and more than few woman, young and old, I’d love to share my bed with for an afternoon, or two.

The Dracula Dossier, James Reese
Exotic, esoteric, uniquely written personal memoir from the pen and mind of Bram Stoker. The screenplay’s currently under  contract to someone else, but I’ve promised the author that if they falter, I’ll be ready with my own.

The Darkling | A Treatise on Slavic Vampirism, Jan Louis Perkowski
Marvelous insight into intimate records of a people deeply affected by the superstitions surrounding the devil, werewolves, and vampires that affected  everyday concerns like crops and disease in the highly isolated villages of the Balkans. Sorry, this is real. Bela Lugosi does not appear anywhere in this treatise.

Eros, Magic and the Murder of Professor Culiani, Ted Anton
If you love Eastern European/Cold War intrigue and Securitate-induced paranoia, this lost cause of a book is one to hunt for. I have a reviewer’s copy, from which I intend to launch an intriguing screenplay. Stay tuned.


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