Lance the beast!

It was a sad, sad day for a cycling fanatic like me when Lance finally succumbed to the truth, and everything he went up in a puff of smoke.

Yet another hero for children and those of us who haven’t yet chosen to become adults, is gone. He is now just another ‘asterisk’d athlete’ to add to the pile.

Now, I’m no blind fan of all things Americano, but what this guy did was phenomenal. His cancer story inspired millions. My wife fought and won twice and is still ticking which inspired maybe 75 people. His battle boggled the minds of millions. Like many athletes, he came to recognize that his talent, his ‘story’ translated into an obligation to society. A ‘Rocky’ moment, if you will. More than an athlete competing in a fringe sport (according to American standards, anyway), he was an ‘entertainer’ and an aspirational symbol for millions.

However, like so many of the Ponzi scheme, bunko and scam artists that make it, once the jig is up, that same society who loved, adored and trusted you, now turns on you like Frankenstein’s monster, and now the mob has moved in with virtual pitchforks, torches, public floggings and burnings, to slay the monster via Twitter, F’book, etc.

Time to move on, you made your mark, had your fame, but don’t worry, the memory of the American public is exceedingly short, so lay low and we’ll see you a few years.

Time for us to dust off those old videotapes of the 1980’s editions of the Tour de France and get inspired all over again.



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