The other ‘Hunger’ games

Welcome to the real ‘hunger games as millions of us become immigrants in the competition for ever-decreasing resources.

I have often been told that those born to a land have the advantage. If that’s the case, why do so many immigrants manage to make a good life for their families? Is there an instruction manual? A course? No.  And, we’re all losing valuable guides to the new reality as first-generation risk-takers die out, their stories untold.

That is why I am currently editing the fascinating memoir of a Serbian immigrant to Canada in the 1960s, for publication. With a patient, steady hand, this will be first of many more.

Immigrants. They come with little, work  hard to make a new life, so they can leave their kids with something more than they had. Often, a victim of their new life is any sort of written record of their experiences and insights. For many, this is a personal choice as beautiful memories of the past are woven with brutal painful ones best forgotten. For many others, the language barrier between generations is a gap too vast to span. In this, we join their offspring in the loss of such richness. Having spent a great over three decades among the Serbian diaspora, I know first-hand of the many great untold stories of the world as it was and is, just waiting for this opportunity.


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