Stolen babies and a kingdom of ghosts

When I first started writing something that would form itself into a screenplay I called, Ghost Kingdom, I wanted tell the story of a broken down adoptee pushed to the edge of the abyss so that he seeks revenge. I would pit his anger against the devastation of a birth mother whose baby ‘died’ in a nasty little home for ‘wayward women’. It would hopefully be a totally watchable story.

I set pen to paper, then fingers to keyboard, with Butterbox Babies and Secrets & Lies the only notable adoption-related stores as inspiration. I set it in a fictional spot to sex it up – a composite of Venice and Dubrovnik – dramatically ripping the veil off the dark secret behind the idyllic facade.

Turns out that wasn’t necessary, the stories of those characters are compelling enough in their own right.

A decade or so after it started rattling around in my skull, my sources of research and inspiration have literally exploded with the stolen baby and forced adoption stories out of Australia, Spain and now Canada.

Sadly, the collateral damage to families and lives has now created a sizable audience for my story.


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